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Industrial Waste Management Association

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Enviro 2017 National Seminar 2017 15th AGM Seminar
Training program an hazardous waste management & regulatory requirements In-house training program on environmental awareness & regulatory requirements 14th AGM Seminar and Meeting
Training on Regulatory requirements & OCMMS on 8th April 2016 at Chennai Training on Regulatory requirements & OCMMS on 22nd March 2016 Enviro 2016
13th AGM Seminar 2 Days training on Hazardous Waste Management & Regulatory requirements & OCMMS at Coimbatore on 5th & 6th May 2 days training program on Hazardous Waste Management with site visit on 12th & 13th February 2016
YES 2015 Awards ECAP Awards Enviro 2015
12th AGM & Seminar on ‘Environmental Practices News articles published in News papers CODEA SEMINAR Pictures
YES - 2014 Award Ceremony 22nd Feb 2014 Seminar on Solar Evaporation Young Environmental Scientist - Work Shop 1
E-waste collection & Awareness Programme (ECAP) YES – 2014 Workshop 10th Nov 2013 YES – 2014 Workshop 8th Dec 2013
YES – 2014 Workshop 4th Dec 2013 11th AGM meeting, Hilton Hotel Seminar on AT & BPEM
Enviro 2013 10th AGM and Seminar Co-Processing and Pre-Processing of Industrial Waste in Cement Industry
Enviro 2012 Young Environmental Scientist Awards 2012 Enviro 2011
Enviro 2010 Enviro 2009