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Industrial Waste Management Association

Photo Gallery

YES 2019 Coimbatore
Inauguration of Plastic Bottle Reverse Vending Machine - June 5th ENVIRO 2019 17th AGM
Environmental Regulatory Compliance & Green Management (Emphasis on Plastic Management) YES 2019 Cleaner Production and Environmental Protection & Regulation
New office Inauguration Enviro 2018 16th AGM Gallery
Grahapravesam - New Office Sustainable Wastewater Treatment & ZLD program for Textile Industries Planting saplings at New Landfill site
Felicitation of Former Chairman HWM training for TNPCB officials YES 2018 Awards
Enviro 2017 National Seminar 2017 15th AGM Seminar
Training program an hazardous waste management & regulatory requirements In-house training program on environmental awareness & regulatory requirements 14th AGM Seminar and Meeting
Training on Regulatory requirements & OCMMS on 8th April 2016 at Chennai Training on Regulatory requirements & OCMMS on 22nd March 2016 Enviro 2016
13th AGM Seminar 2 Days training on Hazardous Waste Management & Regulatory requirements & OCMMS at Coimbatore on 5th & 6th May 2 days training program on Hazardous Waste Management with site visit on 12th & 13th February 2016
YES 2017